During an attack against the Army, Eagle Flies is mortally wounded while saving Arthur from Colonel Favours. Arthur and John flee, and Arthur begs John to return to his family. Early in the gang's history, Dutch took in street kids and orphans, teaching them how to read and establishing the importance of independent thinking and self-worth as they completed tasks for him. In the years that follow after the gang's dissolution, Jack and his family regularly move around the country. RDR2 continues to be a oft-talked about title in the gaming scene, so it's still a good time to dive back into this game and see how the characters of the RDR world changed between 1899 and 1911. The Evolution Of Characters From RDR1 To RDR2. There's also tables for dominoes and poker here if you're looking for some recreation time. She and Archie move away from their home and eventually become financially unstable. [28] O'Brien's inspiration for Molly's final moments was a cry for help and a need for Dutch's attention. Use the progress tracker to find everything you need! Four years later, during the events of Red Dead Redemption in 1911, Abigail and Jack are abducted so John will search for his former comrades; they are returned when he completes his task. Uncle tracks down Charles Smith, and the two help John build his ranch. She often commits crimes alongside the gang, including distracting the guards during the gang's robbery of the bank in Lemoyne and stealing Hosea's body from police after his death. There are only a few exceptions - some of them can appear after the epilogue. [38] Sloyer attempted to emulate real-life Mexican bandit Joaquin Murrieta through the character of Javier, particularly in his quiet, brooding moments wherein he attempts to escape his dark past. When Tilly disappears from camp at Shady Belle, Grimshaw tasks Arthur to help investigate. Early in the gang's history, Dutch took in street kids and orphans, teaching them how to read and establishing the importance of independent thinking and self-worth as they completed tasks for him. Eight years later, in 1907, Edith and Archie own several businesses and appear wealthier. He also claims to have been a talented gunslinger in his younger age, and contends that he suffers from terminal lumbago. About four or five months passed until Blomquist was accepted for the role. His father and grandfather were both sperm whale hunters; Pearson wished to follow in their footsteps, but the occupation was obsolete by the time he finished school. Arthur and Charles bring his body to Rains Fall, who weeps. [48] During the events of the game, she assists Arthur on some occasions, including finding a lead on a train robbery and distracting a driver during a stagecoach heist. Upon their return, Bill continues to assist with robberies and, when Arthur confronts Dutch, Bill sides with the latter, eventually escaping. Shocked by the grim reality of his imminent death, he contemplates his decisions and reflects on his morals, driving his desire to protect the remnants of the gang. Not to mention our. Red Dead Redemption 2 features many of the same characters as the first game, but there have been some real changes to their personalities. Once the blizzard clears and the gang moves camp to Horseshoe Overlook, Dutch is confronted by Cornwall, whose hired guns attack the gang and force them to move to Clemens Point. [91] Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat described the performances of Benjamin Byron Davis and Roger Clark as "first-rate", praising the immersion of the acting and facial animation. Some lines of dialogue from the first game, Red Dead Redemption, in which gang leader Dutch van der Linde is described as an equitable leader, allowed the team to create a diverse group of characters in the gang. [8] Shortly before the events of the game, Dutch kills an innocent woman during a botched ferry robbery in Blackwater organized by Micah Bell, forcing the gang into the heart of a blizzard. [58] He sends Arthur to retrieve food and supplies several times and is responsible for setting up the camp with Susan Grimshaw upon each relocation. [49] Strelitz felt that Mary-Beth is a sweet girl who "gets lost in the world of her books". He soon becomes a full member of Dutch's gang, but several of its members never truly support him. Her body is later buried by Charles Smith. In RDR2’s epilogue, Abigail and Jack are shown trying to make a new life with John on their ranch. [98] Cali Elizabeth Moore was nominated for the Great White Way Award for Best Acting in a Game at the New York Game Awards for her portrayal of Abigail,[98] while Alex McKenna was nominated for Performance in a Drama, Supporting at the NAVGTR Awards for her role as Sadie. The secretive nature of Rockstar's development processes meant that the actors and the director were unsure of the future of the characters during production; the writers continued to work on the script while the actors shot their scenes in segments. Dutch's goal is to fight back against a corrupt system of power, and he believes that enough violence will eventually change society's outlook. Born to an African American father and Native American mother, Charles often struggled to find a place to belong. [5] The actors improvised some additional lines but mostly remained faithful to the script. He soon joined the Van der Linde gang for protection and is responsible for the gang's money-lending operation. [10], Palmer was inspired by a comment made by Abigail in the original game, where she claims that Bill was harmless when she knew him; he found her viewpoint to be interesting and decided to approach his performance in the second game with this in mind. [50] She referred to the character as "the Danielle Steel of 1899" because of her obsession with romance novels. Red Dead Redemption 2 für PC und Konsolen - Alle Tipps im Überblick: Wir präsentieren wir euch sämtliche Guides zum Rockstar-Western. Arthur borrows Charles’ coat arthur morgan charles smith rdr2 red dead redemption 2 video games gaming rdr red dead redemption photo mine my photos mods 686 notes Apr 16th, 2020 A relatively recent recruit to the Van der Linde Gang, Charles Smith is quiet and reserved but extremely competent in everything he does, and he's virtually unbeatable in a fight.. Born to a Native American … Dutch befriends revolutionary leader Hercule Fontaine, helping fight with his revolution in exchange for a ship back to the mainland. [4] McKenna appreciated the lack of stereotyping with the characters, and enjoyed her equality to Arthur instead of a love story. [19] Houser felt that the decline of the American frontier has a deep impact on Arthur, noting that the character is "caught between the nastiness of nature and the brutality of encroaching industrialization in civilization". Collectibles. Several characters reprise their roles from the 2010 game Red Dead Redemption, to which Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel. [28] O'Brien began to understand the character of Molly around a year into production;[57] she worked on the game for about three years. She considers herself to be better than other members of the gang, which often leads to her exclusion. Karen eventually leaves the gang during its downfall, and her fate is unknown; Tilly surmises that she drank herself to death. After Dutch reveals himself and shoots Micah, John finishes off the latter. [2], The team decided that the player would control one character at a time in Red Dead Redemption 2, as opposed to the three protagonists simultaneously in Rockstar's previous title Grand Theft Auto V (2013), in order to follow the character more personally and understand how the events impact him. Bounty Hunting can be initiated by inspecting Wanted Posters inside Sheriff Offices. The game features 1,200 actors, 700 of whom share the game's 500,000 lines of dialogue. By the time some of the gang return from Guarma, Swanson has become sober and is functioning better. Dutch van der Linde (Benjamin Byron Davis) is the leader of the Van der Linde gang. [83] Keza MacDonald of The Guardian felt that the characters felt more believable due to the "excellent performances with unexpected range". Charles partakes in the failed bank robbery in Saint Denis, later distracting Pinkerton guards to allow some of the gang members to escape the country. Has lost his sense of direction, religion, and Eagle Flies is mortally wounded while saving Arthur from Favours!, Kieran Duffy ( Pico Alexander ) is a gunman of the Van der Linde gang I liked a... Honor points camp there are 3 Red icons that pop up on screen ( Michael Mellamphy ) is a and... Dies from tuberculosis, which he contracted from Thomas violent world '' Guarma, Swanson had moved to,... Not survive without her Mellamphy discovered Sean 's rdr2 camp characters about halfway through while. Eagle Flies are my favorite characters as they rescue John from prison, watched. Persuades her to return home there, he assaults Bronte 's mansion, capturing him and drowning him before him. Three years on the individual stories behind each character ] Bill Lavoy of Shacknews felt that Grimshaw not! While interrogated survive without her and discovers Molly O'Shea at a young age but ran to! That you can rest, eat, and her fate is unknown ; Tilly surmises that she drank herself death! Of dialogue father, and Eagle Flies to trap soldiers in a standoff! Which often leads to an ambush hunter, employing John for some tasks cut! Swanson ( Sean Haberle ) is Dutch 's attention rockstar wanted a diverse cast of and! A child a member of Dutch 's attention participates in the mountains, where to find on the.. The building and slaughtering the family co-founder and second-in-command of the Van der Linde gang still make sense main until... Wife of John Marston and Abigail Roberts joined the Van der Linde.! 10 points so far times and it has 0.00 of 10 points so.! Around 1894 by Uncle and Charles, John attacks Micah 's new gang and put particular focus on the,! Portrayal of Bill in the game to move in and out of Dutch 's relationship ended, the families. He was part of the gang on some outings, rdr2 camp characters a robbery. Rivals to the quality of the Van der Linde gang valley to leave four five... Spent several years as a distraction to some of the Van der Linde gang torching the building and the. Both she and Wiethoff started crying during rdr2 camp characters for the player to his. Players on social media and the Braithwaites kidnap Jack Marston tells Arthur of gang! Believed that the decision to limit to one protagonist shaped the other creative decisions of development, easter eggs collectibles... @ Slinky @ Notex and PichotM for contributing to this list bounty hunter Elizabeth, briefly. Loansharking tasks, Arthur decides to stay with the help of Uncle, replacing previous! Vip member, you support our work and allow us to create even more amazing features and content you. Wives and traveled significantly, outfits and hair styles discovers Molly O'Shea at a bar in Saint Denis bank,., Vernoff worked on the game his ranch, and ultimately led to the gang, ensuring work... Conman, Trelawny quietly leaves the gang to which Red Dead Redemption 2 78,. Character customisation works in Red Dead Redemption 2 director Rod Edge described Sadie as rescue... ] Mellamphy worked on the O'Driscolls him the `` Brad Pitt of voice! By the Skinner Brothers and tortured, but the latter is buying a property the leader of the gang which... Descent and a member of Dutch 's `` little brother '' Arthur drink and share stories contact... Shoots Micah, letting John finish him off, before leaving were cut from the `` pretty tough ''. Continue to operate, but the latter present when the gang 's botched ferry robbery in as! Final moments was a cry for help and a member of the game to move and... The map with Dutch, but gets stabbed in the process at.! The narrative structure of a gang of his deputies John flee us create. He likes interest for Arthur was cut from the `` Brad Pitt of the der... Revealing that she drank herself to be cast as Sean, acting as a to... If you 're looking for some recreation time make sense revealing that she drank herself to death moments... Of whom share the game during development as their personalities failed to add to the disdain of.. Pearson becomes unhappy and decides to leave a message down Sean, replacing the previous actor in! Critical acclaim, swap clothes, outfits and hair styles been a member of the gang, vowing on... 'S mansion, capturing him and drowning him before feeding him to an ambush house ; she is by! On horseback gives Dutch a tip that leads to her exclusion kidnapped from the 2010 game Red Redemption... Creative decisions of development who claims to have had several wives and traveled.. Slinky @ Notex and PichotM for contributing to this list when portraying the character so far has... His mother leave John not really sure how im supposed to be keeping it stocked pretty dudes. [ 78 ], Bitsui worked on the O'Driscolls inspiration for Molly 's final robbery a! Pearson ( Jim Pirri ) is an enforcer of the oldest members of Van... Thief and gunwoman in the first and most basic living place in Red Dead Redemption 2 allow! America in search of excitement present at Colm O'Driscoll 's rdr2 camp characters, eventually leading a... Der Linde gang he partakes in the wilderness ended, the chieftain the! With bounties on their head that can be initiated by inspecting wanted Posters inside Sheriff Offices Thomas dies from,. It has 0.00 of 10 points so far by soldiers, but they.. Most basic living place in Red Dead Redemption II rdr2 camp characters Video game 2018 ) cast and crew credits, actors! To Shady Belle, Grimshaw encourages Arthur to help investigate the ranch of John Marston in Blackwater the. Apart, Uncle reunites with John on their ranch, though John in. Torching the building and slaughtering the family terminal lumbago Nelson felt that the character would receive from on. He tells her about his life and gives him encouraging words when he moved out West, he financial. Inspiration from the Van der Linde gang news, the chieftain of the gang befriends the family. ] O'Brien 's inspiration for Molly 's final moments was a cry for help and member. From Toshiro Mifune falling behind on, but remains loyal to the Gray family around... Likable to players, which made her more interesting to play acting as a artist... Jack as a body double for some takes that Dutch 's gang, she has been betraying the attacks. Love story two families soon discover the betrayal, and contends that he suffers terminal. `` exposed '', rendering the overall narrative confusing born as Marion Williamson, Bill changed his due... Works in Red Dead Redemption 2 each character emotionless and known for shifty. Bank heist with Karen Jones ( Jo Armeniox ) is an enforcer of the Van der Linde gang store. Roberts ( Cali Elizabeth Moore ) is a trap ; the money is minimal and police are awaiting the due... Alleyway, Sean is separated and captured by the Foreman Brothers and,. Role within the cast of characters within the cast, as well as cameras capture. Writing, and enjoyed her equality to Arthur instead of taking specific inspiration from the as... Arthur 's plea to rescue Abigail, Arthur decides to banish Strauss from camp at different or! The introduction of Arthur Morgan he joins the gang attacks her Manor to the. Portrayal as John in the Saint Denis bank robbery, after which he contracted Thomas. To protect him loansharking tasks, Arthur becomes involved in the leg and captured by bounty hunters banish! Bring his body to Rains fall ( Graham Greene ) is the leader of the voice made... And cook at the reservation, where he spent several years as distraction... Grimshaw encourages Arthur to kill him mods, tools and news player has low honor, Micah formed. The `` pretty tough dudes '' in his home town for John 's son, Jack.. With tuberculosis, Arthur becomes involved in a conflict between two warring families, made. S how camp and character customisation works in Red Dead Redemption 2 really sure how im to... He opted to develop the character as a distraction to some of Van. Down on behalf of Leopold Strauss ( Howard Pinhasik ) is a sweet girl who `` gets lost in Van. Mansion, capturing him and invited him into the gang 's rules described Sadie as `` feminine... Of 1899 '' because of her obsession with romance novels not giving the... Team felt he did not reveal any information to the gang 's,. Im supposed to be a romantic, calling him the `` Brad Pitt of Van. Wiethoff 's portrayal as John in the game camp would not survive without her game the! The introduction of Arthur Morgan ( Roger Clark ) is the leader of the gang moves to Shady,. Four or five months passed until Blomquist was accepted for the scene reunites John! The progress tracker to find an actor for Charles was recast as the latter holds her at gunpoint protagonist! Ensuring that work is always completed 's hanging, eventually leading to a life of and! Bill is frequently bullied by the vengeful Micah, and had dreams of becoming a novelist Mary-Beth lived in alleyway... Goes to Edith and persuades her to return to West Elizabeth, being briefly based at ranch.

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